• Do you have a vision and a desire to achieve your strategic goals?
  • Do you want to kick start your personal and professional dynamism?
  • Do you want an inspirational and experienced coach who will facilitate your need for change??
At Kostas Ioannidis Business Coaching we adopt and apply the principles used by sports coaches. For example, we use the team’s strengths and set the right goals. Our aim is to constantly improve individual performance towards making the team members work in harmony together to achieve the desired result. 

We have a vast experience working within a business context. Our coaching approach builds strong bonds and creates a valuable relationship of trust based on focus, dedication, specialisation and efficiency, enabling our clients to broaden their strategic thinking, and become even stronger and more competitive.



Human behaviour and effort is the driving force behind any change or improvement a business makes.

We have extensive experience in managing change. We use appropriate management tools and procedures to transfer our know-how and improve the required work behaviour in practice. In essence, apart from the operational dimension, we improve all communications at all levels.

Using our coaching services, you will:

  • Achieve fast and lasting results regarding individual and business performance
  • Develop individual and team talent
  • Diffuse organizational know-how across departments
  • Align business objectives and operating procedures
  • Ensure staff alignment with organisational targets
  • Improve corporate communications
  • Improve staff readiness to dealing with difficult situations

What makes us different?

  • We have many years of experience in Business Consulting with great testimonials
  • We address the HOW dimension and do not just concentrate on the WHAT
  • We offer customised solutions
  • We offer “value for money”